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Organic Farmer's Producer Company

A collective of 3000+ tribal organic farmers in Dantewada, Chhattisgarh

Bhoomgaadi has been proudly providing high quality, organic varieties of rice, pulses, millets and spices. Using indigenous practices of natural farming, our farmers ensure that all our products are healthy, pure and packed with flavor and love.

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About Us

The small and tribal Organic farmers of Dantewada came together to constitute 'Bhoomgaadi' in the year 2016, with a mission to build an enabling and empowering, seed to market ecosystem, that connects farmers to consumers, ensuring openness and transparency for all.

Named after the tribal post-harvest festival, Bhoomgaadi celebrates abundance and gives identity to the biodiversity of the region. The vision is to conserve our natural heritage in the form of forests, farms and biodiversity, as well as traditional knowledge of these communities which is grounded through harmony between man and nature.

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Our Impact


Average increase in productivity of paddy due to improved methods built upon traditional knowledge.


farmers have adopted improved methods of cultivation

27,598 ha

of land owned by 9600+ farmers under organic certification


cadre of well trained youth and farmers working as resource persons


Revival of traditional varieties of paddy

250+ qt

of traditional seeds accessed by farmers

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Make a difference with


The word “Aadim” meaning indigenous & original, is often used to associate the Madia & Muria Tribal communities of Dantewada. These tribes have preserved numerous varieties of paddy, millets, pulses, oilseeds and vegetables over centuries. The food grown here embodies the collective ancient wisdom of the region, which continues to enrich their life and will do the same for you.

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